Carman, a true Champion for Christ!


Carman (or Carman Dominic Licciardello), a Christian music legend, has died! We were sad to hear of the news of Carman’s passing on Tuesday February 16, 2021! He will be sadly missed but is in a much better place, at his true home with Jesus! He died at 65 at a Las Vegas hospital during complications from his hernia surgery recovery, caused by internal bleeding.

Carman was a major champion in the Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) movement since the 1980’s and was rewarded with the Gospel Music Hall of Fame in 2018.

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We cannot put into words the awesome work and inspiration that impacted many lives by Carman’s (God inspired) ministry! He was definitely a true champion for God’s Kingdom through Christ Jesus! We thank God for men like Carman!

Watch this inspiring music video by Carman focused on America waking up again to God through Jesus and from following the path of darkness and destruction.